My friends are people I wouldn’t call “religious” but not liberal either.

They tried forcing their opinion on me. One of them left our WattsApp group but I added her back and tried making her see sense, but instead she attacked me again and left yet again.

Then another of my friends took her side and she took tried forcing the same argument on me. I refused to be manipulated and that’s what ticked them off. I wanted to put things right but instead they just kept attacking me, so I deleted the group.

Why do the people who you expect the most from end up disappointing you the most too?

Sometimes I wish that I just had a friend who would understand me and care for me. I don’t really care if the friend’s a girl or a boy as long as they are ready to listen to me.

Teenage years can be more challenging that one expects them to be. This time of your life you have no real life partner, you can’t trust anyone and you have no idea what to do with problems you don’t even understand fully.

It’s in times like these that God is your only supporter and friend. He is one you must turn to and seek guidance from.



social media

Most people say that people are not themselves when they use social media. They say that everyone tries to be someone else. But like most of the time I disagree with this thought.

I believe that social media is a platform that anyone can use to raise their voice. It is something that makes everyone equal, since you don’t know if the person you’re talking to is a president or a janitor.

Yes, people can use them for misleading purposes but those who make the proper use of it know what I mean.

To prove my point take me as an example. All that I post on this blog are things that I cannot say out loud in real life because of fear and oppression. So, social media gives me a chance to actually be myself and it helps me find people who accept me for who I am without actually knowing me.

If you agree with me, please like this post and spread around the actual idea behind the discovery of websites such as “Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.”


Happiness is something that cannot be brought by money but it is something that can be shared amongst people.

These days technology has taken over everything from our family to our social life which includes our happiness. If you loose two followers in one day the day goes from best to worst day of your life. This is one type of sadness.

Another type is where maybe, someone lost someone they held dear to themselves and turn on Twitter in the hope that someone would understand their feelings but instead the others just lash out at them because of what they’re writing.

So, I believe that even if you add one little smiley ­čÖé to what you type it might make┬ásomeone’s day.

Moral of Post: Spread happiness (face to face or on media)