I’ve already written a post about what has actually happened, if you want to know the background please scroll down my posts and read it (it has the same title.)


My “supposed BFF” has a boyfriend and it was their two year anniversary last month and she back then she just told me that they’d be going out together to celebrate, that’s it.

Now, today in school she was sitting next to me and we were just talking about random things when I brought it up and asked for details. Here’s how the conversation went:

Her: We went to this restaurant.

Me: Uhuh.

Her: He stopped the car in the parking lot and then asked me to go open the trunk of the car.

Me: Okay.

Her: So, I got out and opened it and guess what was in it?!

Me: What was it?

Her: The top had a paper taped to it which said, “I love you” and inside the trunk itself was a teddy bear!

Me: Aww! That was so cute and sweet of him! Aww!

After telling me all this she dropped the bomb. She said that one of our other friends as THERE WITH HER at that time. So, someone else knew about this all along and I just got to know about it and what more, SHE GOT TO BE THERE AND I JUST GOT HEAR ABOUT IT!


I was in school, so I couldn’t cry or anything but I was so heartbroken that I didn’t even feel like talking to my “supposed BFF” at that time anymore.

Now, tell me is this unfair or what?

BFF betrayed me! *heart broken*

Here’s the most recent story from my life:

Where I live, we get the option between two different systems to study in after eighth grade. I chose one of them and my best friend chose the other. Now, we were in the same grade but different sections. This shouldn’t have caused any problems because it’s not like we were in different schools but just different classrooms.

But, since last year she started getting closer to one of our other friends who’s in the same system as her. I kept dragging on our friendship in the hope that she still cared for me as a sister the way we had for the past three years. But I started loosing all hope when she wouldn’t even talk to me during lunch break. She would be there with me but it would be as if I wasn’t even there as she would just be talking to that other girl.

Best friends are supposed to be like sisters and according to a trend in my school, all BFFs post pictures together on social networking websites. She had our picture on, but then I deactivated my account since I had gotten bored from the site and today after hoping all that time that she still considered me as her friend, I found pictures of her with that other girl.

My heart has shattered into a million pieces.

(This story might make no sense at all but it makes all the sense to me because this is the first time I’ve ever had my heart broken.)