Think About It (2)

This universe is made up of millions of galaxies and each galaxy has millions of stars and planets within it. One of these galaxies is the milky way which too has thousands of stars and planets. Nine (or rather eight) we are truly familiar with. One of these is a round piece of land and water call Earth. Compared to the entire universe the Earth is the size of an ant.

In this very small area we’ve managed to create so many problems that they are uncountable and hard to solve. These problems are either bombs. One day in Syria, the next day in France then the next day in Pakistan, then in Turkey and these haven’t stopped. Everyday humans kill humans. Everyday people lose their  lives.

In one part of the world people are fighting over the rule of an extremely small piece of land, in another country the people who are rulers are just robbing people of money.

Why are we doing all this? Why can’t we all live in peace and harmony without any nationalities or religions dividing us? The planet we live on is so small but still why do we have to go through all this?

The answer is simple because we’ve deviated from the path of wisdom. Our lives have been over run by things we consider more important than humanity. There is something that every living individual American or Chinese, Christian or Muslim, male or female alike need to understand. Technology, money and fame is not what humans are born for. They are born to care for and love each other.

If we can’t even fulfill our purpose of birth then are we really worthy of calling ourselves human?

Sometimes, I just sit and think about my future and by “future” I mean death. Everyone’s going to die one day, it can be tomorrow or after ten years. It can be because of a gun or a disease that your body acquires. Death is inevitable.

Now, I’m going to show you the bigger image of our reality.

We live on the tiniest piece of land imaginable. We are all going to die one day. Despite having this knowledge and knowing it we don’t care and strive to grab as many riches as possible. Why can’t we understand that this isn’t our purpose of life?

If you read this then you should know that I’m a human who’s sick and tired of all that’s going on in this world and wants it to end.

Thank you for reading this post.