Elections 2016

I’ve been following the news and updates pretty closely on all social media websites as well as all major politics sites too. There is something that struck me to be quite strange.

There are hardly any people who support the ones they’re voting for instead they like criticizing the ones that they’re against.

For example, on Twitter, open any tweet but any of the candidates (majorly, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump) and just read the comments that are there for that tweet. Almost all of them will be pointing out the faults of that politician or arguing why that person shouldn’t be president, or even pointing out who they want instead of that person. But they’re there criticizing others, but not supporting the one, they’re saying is worthy of the position.

I’ve come to believe that it’s in human nature to criticize EVERYTHING instead of looking for something positive in a situation.

But don’t you think that this aspect of human nature is very wrong?