My friends are people I wouldn’t call “religious” but not liberal either.

They tried forcing their opinion on me. One of them left our WattsApp group but I added her back and tried making her see sense, but instead she attacked me again and left yet again.

Then another of my friends took her side and she took tried forcing the same argument on me. I refused to be manipulated and that’s what ticked them off. I wanted to put things right but instead they just kept attacking me, so I deleted the group.

Why do the people who you expect the most from end up disappointing you the most too?

Sometimes I wish that I just had a friend who would understand me and care for me. I don’t really care if the friend’s a girl or a boy as long as they are ready to listen to me.

Teenage years can be more challenging that one expects them to be. This time of your life you have no real life partner, you can’t trust anyone and you have no idea what to do with problems you don’t even understand fully.

It’s in times like these that God is your only supporter and friend. He is one you must turn to and seek guidance from.



Family & Blessings

There are different levels of loving your family.

One is giving them a hug everyday. The next is posting pictures of them with cheesy captions on social networking websites. Third, you show affection towards them by spending time with them. Lastly, you learn to feel what they feel.

According to me the last level of love “learning to feel what they feel” is the most important of all. There are certain periods of life when certain members of the family tend to lose all hope. It is at times like that when they need you most.

I’ll state a very simple example here. When parents start getting old their biggest blessing is their children happy with their families and them checking on them once in a while.

But then there are times which I hope no one has to see their parents go through. It is the time of financial crisis.

What parents go through at such times is something indescribable. The tension is the family is highest of all. You need to be careful of what topic you touch at what time and then there are certain things you never discuss out of the mare fear that someone might get hurt or that you might open healing wounds.

I being a teenager can’t do much to help my parents. All  I can do is pray to God to help them sort out their matters in the best way possible.

In addition, money is everything. Some people who HAVEN’T had to face financial problems may think otherwise but this is what I know because of all that me and my family are going through. Money may not be able to buy you friends or happiness or many other important things. But what money can buy is internal satisfaction and for me that is THE most important thing in life. As long as you’re satisfied, you’re happy. When you’re not, your life is turned upside down.

I don’t know how to conclude this but just remember that what God has given you, He gave you for a reason, so cherish while you can and don’t forget to thank him for it because you don’t know when or how He might take it away from you. If God can give you things, He can also take them away from you.

So, be thankful for what you have and live your life.