Family & Blessings

There are different levels of loving your family.

One is giving them a hug everyday. The next is posting pictures of them with cheesy captions on social networking websites. Third, you show affection towards them by spending time with them. Lastly, you learn to feel what they feel.

According to me the last level of love “learning to feel what they feel” is the most important of all. There are certain periods of life when certain members of the family tend to lose all hope. It is at times like that when they need you most.

I’ll state a very simple example here. When parents start getting old their biggest blessing is their children happy with their families and them checking on them once in a while.

But then there are times which I hope no one has to see their parents go through. It is the time of financial crisis.

What parents go through at such times is something indescribable. The tension is the family is highest of all. You need to be careful of what topic you touch at what time and then there are certain things you never discuss out of the mare fear that someone might get hurt or that you might open healing wounds.

I being a teenager can’t do much to help my parents. All  I can do is pray to God to help them sort out their matters in the best way possible.

In addition, money is everything. Some people who HAVEN’T had to face financial problems may think otherwise but this is what I know because of all that me and my family are going through. Money may not be able to buy you friends or happiness or many other important things. But what money can buy is internal satisfaction and for me that is THE most important thing in life. As long as you’re satisfied, you’re happy. When you’re not, your life is turned upside down.

I don’t know how to conclude this but just remember that what God has given you, He gave you for a reason, so cherish while you can and don’t forget to thank him for it because you don’t know when or how He might take it away from you. If God can give you things, He can also take them away from you.

So, be thankful for what you have and live your life.


(keep the picture above in mind while reading this, also the picture is from the set of Allegiant)

Tris and Tobias are on their honeymoon. They decide to go hiking in the woods behind their little cabin in the mountains. But after a few hours they get carried away and lose track of where they’re going.

Tris pulls out a copy of her map and tries checking where they are but is unable to. After hours of pointlessly wandering around, they manage to find a path and their way back.

I know this makes no sense but this is what came to my mind when I first saw this picture. You’ll understand this only if you’ve read the book or seen the movie.

So, if you understood what I meant please leave a comment!

army (think about it)

Today in Pakistan, near Gujranwala a train fell into a canal because a bridge broke. This was a train seating army officials. Four bogies fell in and so far eighteen people have been reported dead.

Out of these the ones who belonged to the army were at once called “Martyrs.” But the poor driver who also lost his life was just called. “Jan Bahq” This is the Urdu translation of dead.

How can they do this? I mean, they lost their lives too and mind you in the same way as all the army people!

what I’m saying is that this isn’t fair.